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Labocosmetica #STC Coating Kit 50ML

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The excellence of the #Labocosmetica line in terms of duration and performance. 

S for SILICON – The precise spatial layout of Silicon surrounded by Oxygen guarantees perfect adhesion to the surface and a more effective protective shield

T for TITANIUM – TiO2 (Titanium Dioxide) is currently the most innovative coating solution thanks to its self-cleaning ability and resistance to chemicals.

C for CERAMIC Coating – The chemicalphysical blend uniquely combines the hardness and flexibility of the glass layer, provides a highly reflective vitreous gloss that lasts throughout the life cycle of the treatment.
The packaging contains:
✓ 1 STC 50 ML
✓ 1 applicator pad
✓ 1 instruction for use + FAQ
✓ 1 maintenance leaflet
✓ 3 micro-suedes
✓ 2 warranty cards
✓ 2 glass stickers
✓ 1 black gloves
✓ 1 micro-suede 40X40cm